Since 1999 we have proudly brought to our customers across the United States the finest quality seagrass hats available. Using the finest seagrass material we could find, our special blocking process gives our hats excellent body and durability. Because the material is washable we designed our hats without a sweatband (sweatbands just make you sweat) so they breathe. Our patented drawstring cord allows one to custom fit each hat to each individual. No head size too small or too large! One size really fits all! Just pull the ends of the drawstring and your hat will stay in place. On a boat, just pull the drawstring tight and your hat will stay on at 40 mph. On the beach, on the golf course even in the front seat of a convertible---your hat will stay on!!

Our hats are durable (the material will never dry up, crack or peel like straw) and flexible: wear the brim up or down for more sun protection. They are lightweight for comfort and easily packed to travel with you anywhere! Each hat comes with care instructions and with minimal care your hat will give you years of pleasure!!

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